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Walden University Online
Walden University Online is an academically oriented institution that offers postgraduate courses in a number of fields. Walden's student body is estimated to be over 270,000 students, most of them online. There are also fifty-eight campuses, scattered across sixteen countries. As one would expect with a school that focuses on academics and postgraduate studies, it is just as important to be prepared in terms of both time and commitment at Walden as it is at any traditional university.

Focus on Postgraduate Studies
Walden offers bachelor's degrees in several of their courses, their forte is postgraduate and every course of study offers both a masters and a doctorate. Several of them also offer professional certification. In those cases, the courses necessary for certification can also be used toward the various appropriate degrees.

Schools Within the University
Walden is organized into eight schools: The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, The School of Counseling and Social Service, The School of Health Sciences, The School of Management, The School of Nursing, the School of Psychology, the School of Public Policy and Administration and the BTU School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Each school is broken down into several programs offering bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degrees or professional certificates. An example of the type of degrees offered comes from the School of Management. Within that course of study it is possible to obtain one or more of two doctorates, four master's degrees, two bachelor's degrees or six professional certifications.

Doctorate Studies
As an indication of the courses offered at Walden, consider their Ph.D. in Early Childhood education. The total requirement is 134 quarter credits. Six credits are for the foundation course, ninety-eight for research courses and thirty credits are for the dissertation. Further, there are twenty days of residency, coming in two six-day and two four-day stays. This all requires a minimum of two years to complete.

Cost varies depending on the course of study and the degree sought. It can go as high as $75,000, for instance, for an education doctorate. Some courses of study may cost even more. In addition, even with online courses, you may have to travel to a campus several times during your coursework for "residencies", as they are called by Walden – short, hands-on workshops. Of course, some courses of study are also less expensive.

Walden has regional accreditation, which normally allows transfer of courses between like institutions. They also have national and specialized accreditation where necessary for the programs they offer, such as their professional certifications.

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