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Kaplan University Online
What many people do not know about Kaplan is that it is not just an online degree service. Instead, Kaplan’s goal is to provide individuals with all of the tools necessary to become well-educated and capable, whether that be in secondary schools, higher education, or in the career field. Their services for the younger set include study aids and test preparation for those preparing for an entry exam, as well as many other programs.

Source of Distance Learning Worldwide
Kaplan’s higher education services consist of undergraduate programs (both Associate’s degree and Bachelor’s degree), graduate programs, diploma & certificate programs, and continuing education programs. One of the most surprising services is their international programs that allow those from across the pond to pursue a degree online. Just on the main campus in Iowa there is an enrollment rate of a little over 20,000 students, but worldwide, including online students, their enrollment can reach as high as 75,000 students or more

Kaplan Degrees are Respected and Fully Accredited
Kaplan Higher Education is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, so students need not worry about a meaningless degree. By operating over seventy campuses across the nation and offering many degree programs online, Kaplan reaches many students that would otherwise be unable to attend a university. Kaplan also works together with Concord Law School to offer graduate degrees that are well-respected in the law community. Other graduate programs offered by Kaplan, like their MBA degree, allow students to have the freedom to have a career while still attending school

Popular Undergraduate Programs
Some of the most popular undergraduate programs offered by Kaplan are degrees in Criminal Justice, Business, Travel & Tourism, and Arts & Sciences. The Arts & Sciences degrees give students a broad knowledge base so that they are more prepared for working in a variety of fields, rather than specifying just one. Their undergraduate degrees, in general, aim to prepare students more so for a career in a particular industry with knowledge applicable in real world circumstances, instead of general book learning as provided by many other universities. The bulk of Kaplan’s students work toward a variety of undergraduate degrees; however, their graduate programs come in a close second

Graduate Programs at Kaplan
Kaplan’s graduate programs are primarily focused on allowing students to provide for themselves and/or their families while conveniently working toward a degree. Their most popular graduate program is the MBA that is offered through the Kaplan University Graduate School of Management and the Dublin Business School for international students. Other programs that see a large number of students are Kaplan’s Continuing Education programs. Many employees in certain fields are required by their employer or governing board to take a specified number of continuing education courses throughout their career. Kaplan makes this both convenient and affordable for those in the Health Care, Real Estate, and Business & Finance industries, among several others

Student Financial Assistance
The cost of attending Kaplan is much similar to attending a state-affiliated university. However, students inevitably save money by taking online classes, as this avoids additional costs like fuel, room & board, and many other fees. Students seeking undergraduate degrees can expect rates around $350 per quarter credit hour. Those attending graduate programs will have fees ranging from $350-$420 per quarter credit hour; however, students attending Concord Law School will be charged a flat tuition rate of $9,250 per year. Additional fees can be added in programs that require lab work or clinical studies like most of the degrees offered in the Health Care field. Kaplan students are eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid, as well as a number of grants and scholarships offered both by Kaplan and outside sources.

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