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DeVry University
With a claim that 90 percent of its graduates find employment within 6 months of graduation, DeVry University is one of the most familiar names in online education. DeVry also claims it is unique as an online educator in that it also has over 70 campuses nation-wide where online students can find other resources and take other classes. Students can obtain career-oriented associate, bachelor's or master's degrees in technology, health technology, business or management.

A private, for-profit institution, DeVry University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (NCA),, a constituent of the US Department of Education's database of approved scholastic accreditation bodies.

Practical Instruction
The emphasis of the curriculum at DeVry is on practical application rather than didactic presentations, as most of the instructors are professionals not professors. Some of the career-oriented studies available at DeVry include:

  • Bachelor's degree programs
    • Business Administration
    • Clinical Laboratory Science
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Electronics Engineering Technology
    • Game & Simulation Programming
  • Associate degree programs
    • Accounting
    • Clinical Laboratory Science
    • Health Information Technology
    • Web Graphic Design
  • Master's degree programs and certificates
    • Educational Technology (MSET)
    • Educational Technology (certificate)
    • Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

Student Financial Aid
Grants, loans, scholarships, and other forms of student financial aid are available at DeVry University, where students are even able to find jobs within the University as a way to earn money. Students and parents are advised to fully explore the financial aid programs at DeVry before committing to a student loan.

DeVry University fills a niche that is often overlooked by brick and mortar educational institutions, by serving the educational needs of working people. Exploring options for obtaining any form of education begins with gathering information, weighting it and making a decision. The more you discover about DeVry University, the more you will see what it has to offer..

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