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If you're considering taking an online Web Content Writing course, you're not alone. The Internet boom has created a great need for good writers who understand the specific requirements of writing for Internet readers. All those ideas and opinions come from someone, and many times the editor or web site owner doesn't have time to write it all, so they hire others to write it for them. Learning this timely skill in an online forum makes sense, since that will be the venue of your future jobs.

Cost for courses in Web Content Writing is usually around a couple hundred dollars. They are available from such websites as International Webmasters Association and Contented, and some online colleges either offer courses in web writing or have courses that apply to web writing. The workshop type course typically takes from six weeks to three months at a couple hours a day, or more. College courses may take up to a semester.

Instructors can communicate course material in a variety of ways. Reading material may be posted on the web or a given course may require that you buy a textbook. Lectures may be printed, streaming, blogged or in MP3 format. Any way you get them, the best thing is that, like the job itself, you can set your own schedule. Many of the students I see in these courses are already working at full time jobs and either looking to make some money on the side, or to change careers entirely.

Normally you will communicate with your instructor through email. Your instructors will be writers themselves – so if you're worried about typical bosses, etc., who won't read or write an email over three lines, don't be. Those of us who teach web content writing usually enjoy what we do, and are very comfortable communicating through the various online methods. Aside from email, you may also be able to reach your instructor through online chat, by way of forums or, in some cases, you may even be able to talk to them over the telephone.

Inevitably, there is homework. And for a web writing course guess what that homework might be? If you thought of writing, you are correct. You can expect to do lots of it, too – creating content, then reviewing and revising it as you learn from your mistakes. Along with writing, you'll spend a good deal of time reading both online content and information on what makes good online content.

Grading for this type of course is not necessarily the standard A-F format, though in some cases that is used. Some classes are simply pass/fail, and some don't even give grades, as those who study Web Content Writing are usually self-motivated. Instead of grades, feedback is given until the student is comfortable with what they are doing. Often the nature of grading depends on whether this is a college type course or a workshop.

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