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Certificate: Human Resource Management
As baby boomers retire and the workforce shrinks, companies are learning all over again how important it is to get, train and retain good employees. With your Certificate: Human Resource Management, you can help them do that.

The Human Resource Management Certificate is the equivalent to a mini degree in the field. The courses are typically the same as bachelor's or masters' level courses and in many cases can transfer directly into such a program if you later desire. However, it is wise to check with specific schools in advance if that is your intention.

Holders of the Human Resource Management Certificate are typically human resource administrators, recruiters, staffing specialists and trainers. They may work for a staffing company or in the human resources department of any major company.

Advantage: Alternative to a Full Degree
Human resources management does not require a certificate, of course. In fact, many new managers coming into the field hold bachelor's or masters degrees. But for those who lack the time or funds for a full degree, this gives them a leg up in the field - something an employer may value as an alternative to a full degree.

Alternately, for those who have a college diploma there are certificate programs that offer concentrations in certain areas of specialization.

Example: Capella University
Capella University has an excellent example of this type of program. Their certificate program, in general, offers sixteen professional certificates, all of which are post bachelors and some of which are post masters. Their certificate courses do apply to appropriate advanced degrees should a student decide on that route later.

At Capella, one online university, the cost of the Human Resources Management Certificate program will normally be $8,480. That is for four courses. However, Capella notes that seventy-eight percent of their students get financial aid, which covers part or all of the cost. Also, Capella University accepts certain types of work or life experience, which can reduce the number of courses you must take.

There is one required course, which must be taken before you are eligible for any of the electives. That course is The 21st Century Global Workplace.

The electives are Organization Building & Membership, Law & Organizations, Enterprise-Wide Communications, Total Rewards in the Global Workplace, Talent Management and Organizational Learning. You must take any three of these, your choice. Others colleges will have similar classes required.

Since Capella's Human Resources Management Certificate is a post-bachelor's certificate, you must have completed your bachelor's degree prior to enrolling in the certificate courses. That is not a requirement for all such courses, however, as many are offered in lieu of a bachelor's degree. In either case, the Capella courses are indicative of the course of study you can expect.

As with most such college level programs, there are a variety of methods of instruction. You're likely to listen in on your classes through streaming video feeds or MP3s. There may be chat rooms and forums so that you can interact with your classmates, and definitely the use of email with your instructor. Either way, the flexibility of these online options seems to work well for the already employed professionals most likely to want this certification.

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