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Certificate: Healthcare Administration Certificate
Obtaining an online Healthcare Administration Certificate is a step that can help open doors for professionals in this constantly growing industry. Healthcare may be the fastest growing career in the United States and it certainly is among the most lucrative. Once thought of as a place for doctors and nurses, the explosion of services and new technologies has opened the doors for a multitude of professionals.

The Healthcare Administration Certificate is offered as a post-bachelor's, or sometimes a post-master's degree certificate. It is a group of college level courses that offers you a concentration in an area in which you can specialize.

There is one thing, however, that most colleges offering certificates want you to understand. Some, such as Capella University, even post it on their website. That is the difference between holding a certificate and having a certification.

A certificate is offered by educational institutions such as Capella or Seton Hall University, both of which are among the many offering certificates in this field. The certificate gives evidence that you have completed the necessary training courses to have an understanding of the field of study in question.

Advantage: A Necessary Step Toward Certification and Employment
Certification is something done by an oversight group such as a board, or by the government. For instance, your state bar certifies attorneys are legally able to practice and you state medical association certifies the same for doctors. Having a certificate does not automatically make you certified - you still must pass all necessary requirements of the certifying body. On the other hand, a certificate may well help prepare you for certification and it certainly shows any prospective employer a level of preparedness for your profession.

Example: Seton Hall
To get a certificate in Healthcare Administration you will take several college level courses (at Seton Hall it will be five), but fewer than necessary for an advanced degree. Seton Hall has three required courses: Healthcare Systems, Healthcare Management and Healthcare Financial Management & Accounting. This is followed by two similar electives from a choice among eight.

Holders of the Healthcare Administration Certificate are prepared to be supervisors, administers or managers for hospitals, nursing facilities, rehab centers and similar establishments.

Online education is gaining in popularity rapidly due to its easy access and flexibility. There was a time when "distance" education meant you were sent books and assignments. You read the books, completed the assignments and sent them to your instructor, with whom you never otherwise communicated. The instructor graded your work and possibly commented on it and returned it to you. When you completed all assignments, you took a proctored exam.

Today's distance education is a much more fulfilling experience. Technology differs depending on your school of choice but you can expect as full a "classroom" experience as you wish. You'll have constant access to your instructor through email. And you will be able to access materials, and your classmates with chatrooms, forums, online libraries, streaming video and a host of other technologies. All these options make obtaining the Healthcare Administration Certificate a straight-forward and potentially rewarding experience.

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